Holiday Villas in Portugal


Is Portugal on your bucket list? With its beautiful golden beaches, gorgeous architecture and incredible history, it certainly should be. The country, known for port wine and pastries may rest on the edge of Europe but it is still a place, thousands of tourists visit each year, and you are about to discover why.

Attractions For All

If you’re looking for attractions to visit around Portugal, we suggest you start with Europe’s second oldest city, Lisbon. Nothing short of stunning, the city has hundreds of beauty spots to discover and if you are fascinated by classic architecture, the peach topped buildings are sure to delight. The city is a brilliant bright clash of old and new with modern fashion, entertainment and art all on display. If you’re travelling over to Portugal in June make sure you check out one of the craziest festivals that is guaranteed to rock. Sao Joao parties and festivals are legendary and will have you dancing until dawn with hundreds of others in the streets.

Dishes To Dine For

There’s is no other place around the globe where seafood is more loved and beautifully prepared than Portugal. Whether you’re looking for a fish feast or something more exotic like octopus you’ll find a delightful seafood dish at a number of world-class restaurants. Authentic, fresh and filled with flavour, seafood lovers will find these meals hard to resist. Those with a sweet tooth may want to try one of Portugal’s finest deserts such as queijadas. The cultural classic is sure to be a treat for your taste buds.

Awesome Activities

If you are an extreme sports junkie, you should definitely try surfing in Portugal. Portugal is actually the place where the biggest wave was surfed. An avid surfer from a Hawaii rode a massive frothy beast here that towered 78 feet in the air off the coast of Nazare. Since then, surfers have flocked to Portugal in the hope of following in his wake. Or, if you want to try something a little different paragliding or zip riding could provide a thrilling Portuguese adventure. The gorgeous natural landscape also makes the country a brilliant place for calmer, gentler activities including horseback riding or hiking up stunning mountain peaks.

Europe’s Greatest Climate?

Regardless of when you’re travelling to Portugal, you’ll find that the climate is completely welcoming. If you’re heading over in the mid-winter, we’re delighted to say that the temperatures hardly ever drop under 5 degrees. Of course, it’s the summers that offer the best climate. While the sun scorches the sands of the coast, a light Atlantic wind always keeps the air cool. In the middle of summer, Portugal also gets the most hours of sun in Europe. In terms of the weather, somewhere between March and May is the ideal time to book a visit. The climate is warm while the crowds are low, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing retreat.

Why wait, book a trip to Portugal today, you won’t regret it. Whether you’re exploring coastal caves, indulging in a delightful evening meal or exploring the unforgettable Lisbon, you’ll love every moment you spend in this incredible country.