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Is this a good time to buy a home in France?
By Alison Cummings on Feb 5 2014

Pound hits 12-month high versus euro, but may struggle to rise further Three cheers for the pound! There's great news if you're planning to buy a home in France, because sterling reached 1.2243 against the euro last week, its highest since January 10th 2013. What this means is, when you transfer your savings to France, get more euros than any time in the last 12 months. However, if you plan to... Read More

Is the pont d’Avignon the only attraction the city has to offer?
By French Maison on Feb 4 2014

Probably best known for the famous children's song "Sur le pont d'Avignon", the city of Avignon in southeastern France is a popular tourist destination. With trains travelling directly from London to Avignon, this chic and stylish medieval city boasts a wealth of attractions for visitors all year round.  The famous Pont d'Avignon, the Pont St. Bénezet, was originally 3,000 feet long... Read More

Le Mans 24 hour - the original sports car endurance race
By Alison Cummings on Feb 4 2014

The ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ is the original sports car endurance race. Beginning in 1923, this annual event is considered the ‘Grand Prix’ of endurance racing and is the most prestigious of its kind. The race tests all kinds of skills, from the cars durability to the driver’s perseverance. The race teams must carefully balance all aspects of their driving so they can su... Read More

Surfers Paradise? Think France!
By Tom Cummings on Jan 30 2014

The Gold coast does host some of the most famous surf spots in the southern hemisphere, but you don’t have to fly half way around the world to find miles of a surfer's dream playground.   France might not be well known for its surfing but it boasts some of the best spots in the world. Hidden away you can find private beaches or popular areas with the locals for a summer in France not t... Read More

The Carnaval de Nice - the biggest winter event in France
By French Maison on Jan 22 2014

One of the major carnivals in the world and the most prominent winter event on the French Riviera is the Carnaval de Nice, held every February. Nice itself is an extremely popular city, with its stunning coastline and amazing variety of attractions, the winter carnival alone drawing in over a million visitors. This annual extravaganza is hosted on the Promenade des Anglais and is the birthplace o... Read More

Pays de la Loire - up close to nature
By Alison Cummings on Dec 15 2013

Pays-de-la-Loire is a region on the coast of France to the west of Paris. Rent a gite or a villa in Pays-de-la-Loire this year for a chance to get closer to nature and witness the lush forests, winding rivers and the sandy beaches. Pays-de-la-Loire is ideal for a relaxing holiday break, and there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied during your stay here. Along the coast, why not try sai... Read More