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A sun worshipper's guide to the best South of France beaches
By Alison Cummings on Apr 13 2017

It's no secret that the South of France is home to some of the nation's most beloved beaches. Sun worshippers from all over Europe flock to the region to stroll across the sands, soak up some rays and splash around in the sea. If you're one of the unlucky few that have yet to set foot on a Southern French beach, find out what you're missing with this short guide to some of the region's most beauti... Read More

Out and about in the South of France
By Alison Cummings on Apr 8 2017

Each year, thousands of people choose the South of France for their family holiday. When you see what this beautiful part of the country has to offer, its easy to understand why. From stunning beaches and medieval villages in the hills, to the white horses of the Camargue and the ancient monasteries; there is so much diversity here and plenty to see and do. The South of France boasts some of the... Read More

Walking in France | A Guide
By Alison Cummings on Apr 7 2017

It’s easy to see the attraction of holidays spent largely on foot. There can’t be any better way to escape modern life and explore local landscapes close up and at leisure. France, in particular, has a wonderfully varied terrain, and its appeal to visitors from the UK is absolutely timeless. So why not build in at least some time for walking on your next French holiday? Yo... Read More

Five fabulous restaurants to visit in France
By Alison Cummings on Apr 6 2017

France is famous for many things that are renowned across the globe. Great art for one; be that the paintings of Monet, the words of Satre or the films of Truffaut. Paris Fashion Week, the Tour De France and the Cannes Film Festival are internationally renowned events that capture the imagination of the world. But for many, first and foremost France is food. And drink. And more food. France h... Read More

The hidden gems of the French Riviera
By Alison Cummings on Mar 20 2017

The French Riviera has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. The snow-capped French Alps loom over picturesque fishing villages and white sandy beaches which fringe an azure coastline like no other. In the summer months, the beaches and promenades are packed with high class holiday makers, who flock to old favourites such as... Read More

Explore the dizzying wonders of Le Haut Var
By Alison Cummings on Jan 26 2017

If the thought of hilltop villages, forested valleys, hairpin roads, village markets brimming with quality local goods and world-class views, all shaped by century upon century of rich history sounds like your vision of a dream getaway, then Le Haut Var, an area of Provence in the south of France, might well be the ideal holiday destination for you. Villages of the Haut Var There... Read More