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Banish post-festive blues with holiday plans
By Alison Cummings on Jan 9 2018

Come January, life can seem more than a little flat. One of the best ways to banish the midwinter blues is to book your next break. So, it’s a great time of year for planning for and thinking about warmer weather and holiday freedom. Equally, of course, especially if you have school age children and are tied into term dates, planning ahead also gives you a lot more chance of getting your ho... Read More

It's getting closer to Christmas - drinking habits France v Britain?
By Alison Cummings on Dec 13 2017

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, and the infamous work party and the neighbour’s mulled wine and mince pies festive “do” looms, many of us will be heading for an alcohol-soaked few weeks. Between the cauldrons of mulled wine, the spiced cider, the Christmas day bucks fizz; it’s easy for the build up to Christmas to roll into one long binge. Unless, of course,... Read More

Why Megeve is the perfect base for your winter holiday
By Alison Cummings on Nov 21 2017

The incredible town of Megève is an absolutely perfect resort to go skiing in this winter. It is an exquisite ski resort and is considered to be one of the best in Europe because of its amazing facilities and luxurious feel. It was the first ski resort built in the French Alps and because of the wide range of activities available, it is a hugely popular destination for both skiers and non-s... Read More

Famous French Landmarks
By Alison Cummings on Oct 23 2017

France is bursting with famous landmarks, many of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sadly, when we think of French landmarks, we rarely get further than Paris. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacre Coer just roll off the tongue. But what about some the ancient and downright fascinating features of France that reside outside of the capital? This article tak... Read More

Must visit museums in Paris
By Alison Cummings on Sep 28 2017

Paris is a treasure chest packed to bursting with art, culture and history. There are so many fantastic museums, galleries and landmarks to visit that it can be hard to know exactly where to start. That’s why we have come to the rescue with this article, which gives you the low down on the five must-visit museums in Paris. Our selection is wide and caters to all tastes, so whether you’... Read More

Top five winter activities in Brittany
By Alison Cummings on Sep 14 2017

Though you probably associate the stunning beaches and rugged coastline of Brittany with idyllic summer holidays and revitalising spring breaks, the region has something to offer visitors throughout the year, with the winter months some of the wildest, most romantic and most atmospheric of all. Plus, with all of the summer tourists safely back at home, you’ll have the stunning... Read More