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Could a Trip to France Save your Health?
By John Cummings on Jun 29 2018

France is not known as a particularly health-conscious country. Famously skinny women aside, cigarettes, cheese, Cognac, and the ever-deadly croissants au beurre are all French staples. It simply wouldn’t feel right to visit France without indulging a little, and for that reason you may associate a holiday across the channel with hedonistic living and diet-defying meals. However, a trip to... Read More

Why choose a Cycling Holiday in France
By Alison Cummings on Jun 5 2018

The Tour de France is without a doubt one of the biggest cycling events worldwide, and France is the perfect place to go for your cycling holiday. Emulate the famous road race by choosing to travel through stunning countryside scenery and experience the wonderful French culture along the way. Whether you pick a long distance route or choose one town and try out a number of circuits around it, Fran... Read More

Some French regional specialities to discover on your trip
By Alison Cummings on Apr 13 2018

France, of course, is famous for certain foods. When we think of French foods, snails, frogs legs and macaroons instantly spring to mind. However, each region of France boasts its own delicacies, whether this be a variation of a stereotypical French food or something that may come as a surprise to many. What are some of these French regional specialities? Alsace The Choucroute garnie of Alsace... Read More

Five Amazing Places to Visit in France
By Alison Cummings on Mar 20 2018

Five Amazing Places to Visit in France   France is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world, receiving an average of 80 million tourists every year. But when one thinks about places to visit in France, the obvious pop to mind: Paris, Nice, Brittany, Marseille, and so on. However, there is so much more to be seen in this country full of beauties and wonderful spots you... Read More

Three of Brittany’s best attractions
By Alison Cummings on Mar 1 2018

Brittany A compelling clash of breathtaking coastline, majestic islands, medieval townships and beautiful stretches of woodland, Brittany is one of France's most enchanting, as well as welcoming, holiday destinations. Before its annexation to France back in 1532, it was a Celtic duchy for over one thousand years. As a result, it is a place of rich cultural heritage, steeped in history and traditi... Read More

Paris et Le Jour de la Saint Valentin
By Milenna Pessoa on Feb 13 2018

Dubbed one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is the destination of choice for many couples looking to celebrate their amour. Poetry, music, art, gastronomy, isn't everything just a tiny bit more romantic in Français? Paris rhymes with romanticism, walks hand in hand along one of its narrow alleyways and breathtaking sunsets by the Seine. And when it comes to romantic getaways,... Read More